Agustín Jimenez has devised a Barcelona tour night photography so you can learn the tips and tricks that this kind of photography needs.
Make the most of your creativity learning one of the most entertaining and rewarding for the spectacular results disciplines.
We use photographic techniques to capture Light Trails Moving, Night Sweep and Long Exposure.

If you have not practiced or gives you some respect, I would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of night photography. Believe me, the difficulty appears to be not that great and the visual result of such photographs is extremely rewarding.

The best time to photograph is the “Blue Hour”. The Blue Hour is one in which the artificial lights of the buildings balance their intensity sunlight. For the purposes of our eyes it seems to be day but the result is photographs of a night photograph.

To make this Barcelona night photography tour, basic notions of Photography is required and the next photographic material: 

  • Camera, anyone who allows long exposures. It is convenient to carry spare batteries.
  • Objective, better be bright and angular. Between 15 and 24mm, 35mm perhaps.
  • Cable release or remote control, mechanical If better, otherwise you have to bring extra batteries.
  • Robust and heavy tripod, avoid even the smallest vibration.

With this Barcelona night photography tour, we can visit and teach the most emblematic areas of Barcelona at night: The Sagrada Familia, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, the Tibidabo, the Borne Quarter, Las Ramblas, Diagonal Mar, the Turó de la Peira, the Spain Square and other areas or monuments that interest you.


Singles and Couples 80 euros

Groups 3-4 Participants House 40 Euros per person

Duration: 2-3 hours

Ticket and Transportation Not Included

Large groups or Customizing itineraries , contact .

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