Photo Tour Borne Gothic

Let’s start the Photo Tour or PhotoWalk with the exciting BoquerÍa Marke and capture the chaotic energy of people in the comings and goings of your daily routine, it is located in the heart of Las Ramblas.

From here we head to the Gothic Quarter with narrow streets, alleys and open courtyards full of light. This area has one of the best preserved European Gothic traces. It is also located near the Jewish Quarter, with more than 600 years old, with the oldest synagogue in the continent.

After taking some tapas, we will return to the photo tour and we will explore the Borne Quarter, where you can see the most authentic side of Barcelona. We arrive at the area SANTA MARIA DEL MAR Temple, in the thirteenth century, the city had a strong growth in the area we now call 'La Ribera', at that time, Vilanova del Mar, shipbuilding, import and export of all kinds goods, arts and crafts workshops of the time, still reflected in the names of the streets. Is the time when the palaces of Montcada Street, where the rich merchants and nobles lived were built.

This material progress, supported by the ecclesiastical authorities, traders and King Pere III, resulted in the construction of wonderful Temple of Santa Maria del Mar, the stone was carried by the "bastaixos" workers of the port of Barcelona, ​​with his hands brought Montjuic Mountain.


Singles and Couples 80 euros

Groups 3-4 Participants House 40 Euros per person

Duration: 2-3 hours

Ticket and Transportation Not Included

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