Photo Shoot Gaudí

Gaudí was an architect with an innate sense of geometry and volume, as well as a great imaginative ability that allowed him to project without papers the majority of his works before passing them on to planes. With this photo tour you will discover the true wonders of Gaudi's work and you will learn a lot of technique of photography to capture the essence of his work and how Gaudí through architecture, playing with shapes and lights.

Gaudí conceived its buildings in a holistic basis, both structural solutions, such as functional and decorative. He studied to the smallest detail of his creations, integrating architecture a series of crafts that he had a good command of perfectly: ceramics, glass, iron forging, carpentry, etc.

It also introduced new techniques for the treatment of materials, such as his famous "trencadís" made with waste ceramic pieces.

We will begin our session of tourism visiting Gaudi's Park Guell in the upper part of the city. We will enjoy the first light and we will take photographies  in HDR to collect all the Dynamic Range of Light at the time.

This Photography Tour is designed to take advantage of the morning light and its special position on the Guell Park and specifically on the famous The Staircase of The Dragon.

The Staircase leads to the Hypostyle Hall which is formed by 86 fluted columns inspired by the Doric order. Later we will visit the PLAZA OF NATURE, a part is carved into the rock, while the other one is held on the Hypostyle Hall. Delimit, on the side of the access stairway, wavy mosaic covered bench, making rail, and on the side of the mountain, a retaining wall topped in large capitals that simulate palms.

The photo tour continues in the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, where we will experiment with different ways to capture this incredible work, as the sun illuminates the towers and the facades of the Nativity and of the Passion, the wonderful interior with its colossal columns and fantastic stained glasses.

Inside the arborescent columns, in addition to its structural function, reflect the Gaudi’s idea about they had to look like  a forest Gaudi reflect the idea that inside the temple had to be like a forest. To splendor and expressiveness to its architecture, Gaudi resorted to light.  The sun’s rays light up the pinnacles at the top of all towers and large windows.

You can see a Barcelona’ spectacular view from 170 meters height, if you climb one of the towers. You can take pictures of corners, stairs, columns, covers that will be recorded in your memory.


Singles and Couples 80 euros

Groups 3-4 Participants House 40 Euros per person

Duration: 2-3 hours

Ticket and Transportation Not Included

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