Photographic Tour in Barcelona

Do you want to do a Photographic Tour in Barcelona?


Gaudí, Modernism, Borne, Night photography, are some...

Or maybe you want to customize your PhotoShoot.

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Photo Tour Gaudí


We will start our tourist photoshoot session in Barcelona by visiting Gaudí's Park Güell, in the upper part of the city. We will enjoy the first lights and make exposures in HDR …


Let's start the Photowalk or Phototour. We will start this tourist photographic Photoshoot with the exciting Boquería Market and capturing the chaotic energy of People in the coming and going of their daily routine, it is located in the heart of Las Ramblas.


It is the historiographical name given to a movement of Architecture, Art and Literature. It is the main form of expression in architecture, but many other arts were involved…


MONTJUIC Magic Mountain is Barcelona, with the Olympic Stadium in 1992 and where the Museu Nacional d'Art de Cataluña, las Fountains of Montjuïc and Trade Fair and…

Photo Tour Nightscapes


With this wonderful way for  taking photos and photographic tourism, we will be able to visit and show you a very emblematic places in Barcelona at night. The Sagrada Familia, The Magic Fountain of Monjuic, and others….


Tell us the place you like and we put the equipment , a nice and fun way to sightsee and photos, where you simply have  enjoy posing, fun and to memory the great memories you can remember again and enjoy teaching them to friends.


We offer individually (One to One), small group, couples and family workshops (photo courses) photography. W focus mainly on performing outlets Long Exposure, Urban Landscapes, Landscapes Nocturnes, photo editing and basic operation of the camera.


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point size, line length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space within letters pairs (kerning).